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Community Supported Massage 

CSMs are funded through untwisted, inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  Donations are tax-deductible, and gratefully accepted.

Sliding Scale Program

Parkinson's Vouchers

Part of the mission here at untwistedVT is to make regular massage treatments affordable.  This program was designed to help bring the healing benefits of regular massage to those who cannot afford it.

How to participate?

We will work with you to determine a program frequency and cost that is both affordable and sustainable.  We offer discounted rates to program participants, and then we rely on community donations to assist with the cost of those treatments.  

The Parkinson's Voucher program was designed to help bring these healing benefits to Parkinson's patients who may not otherwise be able to afford regular bodywork.

Here at untwistedVT, we see great results using therapeutic massage to treat the symptoms associated with Parkinson's Disease.  There can be short-term reductions in the motor symptoms such as tremors, cramping, rigidity, slowness of movement, gait and balance problems, etc.  Equally as important, we also see improvements in the non-motor symptoms, such as mood disorders, fatigue, constipation, pain, etc.

For more information on Parkinson's Disease, visit:

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