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About untwistedVT

We are a welcoming, safe space and believe that regular massage aids in sustaining overall health and wellness;
i.e. better sleep, reduced stress, less sickness, improved allergies, a decrease in injury, and more.

The mission

  • offer treatment-based massage to those who want an alternative, or supplement, to western medicine.

  • strive to connect with those who think that massage therapy is an unattainable luxury and provide them with financially sustainable, regular massage treatments, regardless of financial circumstances.

The massage therapist

Chip Viau (they/them)


Chip is a transgender person who is absolutely passionate about the work they do with each individual.  Each treatment is based on the client's specific needs at that moment.  Chip likes to say, "I don't just touch the body, but also the emotions."  With a background in psychology and an acute awareness of how trauma can manifest itself in the body, Chip works to address not just the client's symptoms but also the root of the problem. 

As a Certified Massage Therapist, Chip uses a combination of modalities and techniques, including: myofacial release, trigger-point, cupping, moxabustion therapy.  They have studied ancestral healing and trauma-related pain manifestation. Most important, Chip provides a safe, judgement-free space that assists in overall wellness. 

In 2018 Chip was inspired by a Stage 4 Parkinson's client and, after seeing the improvements the healing touch brought them, has since been working with the Parkinson's community.

The industry standard for massage therapist programs includes a minimum of 500 hours of schooling.  Chip has completed 1,250 hours, plus additional continuing education in modalities such as Trager therapy, Applied Kinesiology, and Reiki. 


When not working, advancing their craft, or raising two daughters, Chip is walking through the woods, climbing mountains, or dancing on stage (with some comedy on the side).

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