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Holistic & energetic

 pathways towards healing

your body, mind, heart & soul


from the depths of the muscles to the dust of the cells

the healing begins from within & the results...

transformative & profound


To thine own self be true-Shakespeare

Clients who can participate in regular treatments see the most profound changes in their health. In combining these therapeutic treatments that is uniquely structured to your overall wellness, will empower you to reinvent the new you. This will not only allow you to be the purest version of yourself but also for your loved ones and your community. The best way to help others is to take a deeper look into self and here at Untwisted VT is where your journey begins. Check out our services for more information.



untwistedVT is located within Woodhaven Health

at 600 Blair Park Rd, Suite 260 Williston, VT.


look for the building's

"North entrance"

where parking spaces are

reserved for Woodhaven Health

In Williston

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